Analyzing Life from an Archeologist’s Perspective

Imagine a massive volcano erupted near you right now and your life were frozen in time, as it was for the people of Pompeii nearly 2000 years ago.

Then imagine, through some miracle of future technology, that an archeologist were to restore your digital devices.

What would the archeologist find? What would she conclude about your life? Would you be proud of what she found out about you?

We humans are not as self aware as we think we are.

We tend to think of ourselves as kinder, more thoughtful, and more intelligent than we are.

Whatever is in your trash, your browsing history, your bank statements, and your calendar is a better reflection of who you are than what you put in your journal or what you tell yourself throughout the day.

Talk is cheap. And wishful thinking is even cheaper.

If you want to know what you value, look through your trash.

There is evidence of the life of you have lived all around you. But we tend to be so stuck in our own heads, that we ignore it. By adopting an archeologist’s perspective toward our lives, we can get a better sense of who we are, and how we might realign our choices to reflect the life we want to live.