Friday Shortcuts – 1:11 Half-Marathon with a Stroller

Man runs a 1:11 half-marathon in a stroller. In addition to being the fastest person to ever push a three-year old for a half marathon, he’s a pretty good ultrarunner to boot.

Johannes Haushofer’s CV of failures. More popular than any of this successes.

Just discovered this blog on econ trends and investing. Will be checking in before making investment decisions going forward.

This is not my problem.

Alex Tabarrok suggests that part of the reason we have such tensions in this country between police and the public is because we spend more resources on prisons than police.

Nearly one in five Americans is subject to a non-compete agreement. At least in Colorado and California, these are presumptively non-enforceable, but this still presents a powerful issue in workplace mobility.

The district where I went to high school is spending $12,000 to arm its security guards with semi-automatic weapons. I remember we jokingly called one of our security guards RoboCop in high school. Not so funny any more.