Friday Shortcuts

The Ould Sod. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that this week was the 100th anniversary of the Easter rising in Ireland, a declaration of independence-type moment in Irish history. Tyler Cowen says he feels no connection to his Irish roots, whereas Maria Ferrell over at Crooked Timber expresses reservations about the hagiography of the leaders of the rebellion. If I have one overarching opinion about the rising, it is that from a tactical perspective, if the motivation was anything other than martyrdom, it was pure craziness. Just one more example of how history occasionally picks a few hotheads to celebrate as martyrs or heroes.

Backdoor to the Backdoor. Turns out the FBI didn’t need Apple’s help to hack the San Bernadino attacker’s iPhone. When the Man Who Shall Not Be Named becomes president, you’re going to wish you had a phone the FBI can’t hack.

So Cute. I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss, but a disproportionate percentage of his promotional images involve him pouting at the camera.


Pucker up, Tim!

Hold On to Your Maple Syrup. Is the Canadian housing market in a 2007-style bubble? Most of the smart bear-market strategists I know think so. I’ve been looking for an easy way to short the market as a non-Canadian who doesn’t trade in OTC stocks. Haven’t found any convenient vehicles just yet.

America’s Best Police-State Monitor and Activist. If you enjoy getting riled up on a regular basis about all the ways in which the United States has become an over-reaching police state, I recommend following this guy on twitter. Also, his profile picture makes him look more than a little like a character out of a Stanley Kubrick movie.

Creepy Art. Saw one of these baby doll faces near a drainage ditch when I was walking my dogs yesterday. I didn’t think anything of it. Apparently, it’s a thing.