How to Lead, How to Follow

I just saw this narrated video from Derek Sivers for the first time yesterday.

It’s a powerful story of group psychology. And it’s a little scary how quickly this guy went from being a “lone nut” to spawning a movement. In two minutes, he went from a guy no one wanted to dance with to someone people were literally sprinting across a field to be near.

Also notice how the first few followers probably weren’t the sexy, stylish “cool kids.” The first few followers were on the dorky side. It was only after the crowd had gathered that the “cool kids” decided to join.

And, as Mr. Sivers points out, not everyone can lead a movement. Otherwise, we’d all be dancing alone. To be a part of a great movement, you have to strategically decide when it makes sense to join someone else’s dance and when it makes sense to dance alone.

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