Humanity Trumps Ideology

I don’t write about current events on this site.

But this weekend, something happened that made me think about the importance of recognizing that humanity trumps ideology.

A well-known figure died this weekend, one whom I met on a couple of occasions. I also worked closely with his son for a couple of years at my old job. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we were friends, but we had a good working relationship, with mutual trust and respect. I learned a lot from him.

When I heard the news, I thought about his son, and like everyone else, I thought about the political ramifications of what happened. It’s only natural.

The next time I went online, I couldn’t help but notice the aggressive, intense ideological posturing in the immediate aftermath of the announcement of his death. And I couldn’t help but thinking how horribly callous that it was. This man was a father and a husband and a grandfather. People loved him and cared for him and were grieving.

Of course, the people who were sharing their beliefs online thought that they were doing what was right, but when ideology trumps humanity, it is always wrong. It reflects badly on the individual and the ideology. A politician who acts without considering the human consequences of her actions isn’t much of a politician or a human.