[last update: November 6, 2017]

The idea behind this site is simple: I’m trying to learn about the things that interest me most. As I read something I find interesting, I share it on this site, in the hopes that others might find it interesting as well.

This site originated as a place for me to share my ideas. Over time, I came to value the importance of my own opinions less. Though I still allow the occasional indulgence, this site has morphed into a place where I mostly share the ideas of other people. I read what smart and thoughtful people have to say and do my best to summarize it in plain language. I try to entertain, inform, and perhaps even inspire with the best ideas from the most brilliant minds.

My areas of interest include philosophy, law, evolutionary biology, meditation, history, artificial intelligence, music, math, stats, blogs by people who call themselves rationalists and metarationalists, running and physical play, social norms, behavioral economics, effective altruism, nature and naturalism, and mountain culture. But I’ll write about anything that interests me. It is after all just a blog.

This site shall forever remain a work in progress. Every time I post something, it is just an early draft. Posts may be updated when I learn or discover something new. Some bloggers might object to this as a form of revisionism, but this isn’t a news or a prediction site. Updated posts will list the date of the most recent update at the top (as seen on this post).

Finally, whatever the post or the topic, I try not to let my attention wander too far from appreciating the wonder of the very fact that we are alive. The odds against our being alive and conscious are really high. It’s easy to die and, at least for now, inevitable. I try to remind myself of that fact often, and so aspire not to take most of life’s status competitions too seriously.

I think this is a heckuva time to be alive.

For concerns, complaints, objections, and criticisms, feel free to contact me directly at Kieran(dot)McCarthy(at)gmail(dot)com.

Twitter profile photo credit: Kapuchinsky.