[last update: September 2018]

Professionally, I’m a lawyer who works with startups.

But to me, the practice of law does not define who I am. I’ve been studying philosophy since I was a sophomore in high school (I’m now in my 40s). And while I learned quickly in college that I was not suited to academic philosophy, the questions that interested me then still interest me now. It’s that search for truth—for enlightenment, dare I say it, that motivates me more than anything else.

That’s what this blog is about.

I’m also interested in the evolution of our laws and culture as they adapt to new technology and the information age. Other topics that recur here include evolutionary biology and psychology, nudges, issues of addiction and distraction, financial crises, free speech, running, mountain culture, and board games.

I try to limit my posting to situations where I think I have a good story or some unique insight.

This site is an ongoing work in progress. Every time I post something, consider it an early draft. I occasionally update posts when I learn something new. Updated posts will list the date of the most recent update at the top (as seen on this post).

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are a few of the more popular posts:

Finally, whatever the post or the topic, I try not to let my attention wander too far from appreciating the wonder of the very fact that we are alive. The odds against our being alive and conscious are really high. It’s easy to die and, at least for now, inevitable. I try to remind myself of that fact often, and so aspire not to take most of life’s status competitions too seriously.

If you read anything you liked and you want to make my day, please send me an email directly to KieranMcCarthy(at)gmail(dot)com. It’s wonderful to hear from readers, and I always reply (though not always right away).

I don’t have ads or request Patreon, because this site’s not that popular and I don’t have a huge need for money. But there are lots of people who do. I give at least 10% of my income every year to charity and at least 5% to charities endorsed by effective altruism. If you really want to make my day, make a donation with GiveWell, however small, and send me an email to tell me that Joyous and Swift inspired you to do it!

Twitter profile photo credit: Kapuchinsky.