My 12 Rules for Life

This guy recently published a book called 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. I had never heard of Jordan Peterson until a few days ago, and so have not formed an opinion about him. But then I saw others publishing their own 12 rules for life, so I figured I’d do the same

Without further ado:

1) My rules are arbitrary. So too are everyone else’s.

2) We weren’t designed to live the life we are living. That’s why things feel off much of the time.

3) “Don’t worry about making any one perfect decision, but rather a series of solid, sound decisions.” (Stolen from Sonia Kesselring)

4) “After a full belly all is poetry.” (Stolen from Frank McCourt)

5) Ignore the news. You’ll be happier and have a better view of humanity if you do.

6) All of our status competitions end the same way.

7) When you have a few minutes in between stuff, just space out.

8) A comfortable life won’t be a fulfilling one.

9) Most of the time we have no idea why we do what we do.

10) Humanity trumps ideology.

11) Play.

12) If in doubt, spend more time outside.