Shortcuts 4/22/16

Back in Time. The Atlantic looks back at 1986, in photos. I was most struck by the images of Nicaragua, where my wife and I spent our honeymoon last year.

The Color of Money. We’re going to have a new image on our $20 bill. Adding someone’s image to a form of money is a curious form of hagiography. We have to make someone our hero – Harriet Tubman seems a good a choice as any. It’s worth noting that all of the other men who appear on our money (with the possible exception of Lincoln) would have considered Tubman a criminal. That we should choose to celebrate her – an underdog and an underrepresented minority, shows a radical shift in the way we choose to view our past. We remove a slaveholder from the $20 bill, and replace him with someone who was born a slave. Poignant in a sense, but if anything it just makes the contradictions in whom we celebrate more apparent. After all, we still have at least four slaveholders representing us on our currency.

Climate Change Data that Predicts Global Conflicts. Or, stated another way, if you assess where famine and drought are going down, you can predict with reasonable certainty where war is going to happen in the near future.

A Young Piano-Playing Virtuoso.  

Born without hands.