Snapchat: The New Game

Yesterday, I gave myself a new goal (game).

By the end of the year, I want 5,000 people add me as their friends on Snapchat.

If there’s one truism with technology, it’s that the young lead the old. Every generation dismisses the younger generation’s technology until the younger generation’s technology dominates and the older generation’s and then the old become obsolete.

To avoid obsolescence, you must learn, adapt, and become fluent in the younger generation’s technology.

Just yesterday, I downloaded the app. Only about a dozen of my friends are on Snapchat. I currently have two “friends” on the app. One is my wife, the other is a younger client.

Right now, it’s like the moment in learning a new game when you open the box, see an unfamiliar board and pieces, and look for the instructions to figure out how to play. Except there are no instructions. And there is a demographic with which I am unfamiliar that has already mastered the game.

It should be fun.