The Land of Confusion

Luke Muehlhauser’s excerpts from The Doomsday Machine. I remember growing up obsessed with the risks of nuclear war. It was a very ‘80s thing to be worried about.

But as the decades wore on and there were no nukes, we have become more complacent in our belief that because this hasn’t happened yet, it won’t happen. I would take the other side of that bet, if there were anyone on the other side left to collect on it.

I promise I don’t mean that to come off as negatively as it probably sounds.

Speaking of which, Robin Hanson on Ted Kaczynski’s Collapse Theory.

How did I not know that Bernd Heinrich and Lynn Jennings were a couple?

Charles Mann on the problem of genetic erosion. (Possible subtitle: Convincing peasant farmers in Mexico to create a Starbucks for corn tortillas)