The Smart People Need to get Smarter

Last week, Robin Hanson posted this piece comparing anti-Trump commentators who criticize Trump supporters with parents lecturing teenagers.

When parents lecture teenagers, it rarely has the desired effect of changing their behavior. Rather, it causes entrenchment and estrangement. So, too, with those who lecture Trump fans.

They know he’s bad. But that’s part of the reason why they like him.

As is usually the case, I think he’s right. But then the next question is, what is the best strategy for opposing someone who: 1) excels in converting negative attention into further power and 2) could be the most dangerously irrational and vindictive president in this history of this country?

Voting strategically? The silent treatment?

I don’t know. And neither does anyone else, apparently.

All the smart people seem to oppose Trump. But yet he’s the one who’s winning.

Perhaps the smart people need to get a little smarter.