This is the New Political Order

This is the new political order, whether we like it or not. The two-party system is fragmenting, was always susceptible to change, and doesn’t reflect what people feel anymore.

Tribalism, liberalism, and leftism. Which side are you on?

Tribalism is Trump. Make America Great Again! What’s our policy agenda? Not much, besides an end to immigration and multiculturalism. The point is: Make America Great Again!

Liberalism is a continuation of the current trend. Free trade. That increasing globalization is inevitable. An international capitalist system spearheaded by banks and venture capitalists and intellectuals. This is an alliance of people who think things should keep going more or less as they have been. This is the party of Rubio and Clinton and Obama and the new Bush.

Leftism is the party of Bernie Sanders. It’s Podemos in Spain, Occupy in the United States, Sinn Fein in Ireland, and has Thomas Piketty as its intellectual leader. It believes that the sins of the banks have been visited upon the middle and lower classes.

A quarter of the way through the primary season, the prohibitive leader in the Republican race is currently 4th in key Republican party endorsements. Many Republicans are rejecting the platform of the party.

With the Democrats, a man is winning 45% of the vote, while receiving only 1% of the total endorsement count of his chief rival. If there were as many strong candidates on the Democratic side as they are on the Republican side, he might be leading the race as well.

Ideologically, there are three parties, but politically, there are two parties that only accommodate the ideology of one of them, while loosely paying lip service to some demands the other two.

Abortion and taxes are not what are driving voters any more. Politics is now about something more visceral.

It’s about identity, and that globalization has left most of us feeling insignificant and devalued.

The tribalists and leftists are trying to give those people a voice (albeit in very different ways). And one way or another, one or both will take steps to lay dynamite on the tracks of globalization. What happens then is anyone’s guess.