Today, I Will Make Myself a Cup of Tea

Today, I will make myself a cup of tea. And then I will drink that cup of tea.

I will spend twice as much time meditating as I usually do.

I will have to work. I have plenty of little things to do. Nothing major. That’s probably for the best.

I will go for a short run around the park at noon. I ran hard yesterday, so I will run easy today. My body needs rest.

I won’t spend time surfing online or reading about politics today. I won’t watch TV. I’m pretty sure those things won’t make me happy.

I have a client meeting this afternoon. I helped a man start a business last year. Now I’m going to go visit his business now that it is open.

I will walk my dogs before dinner. I will smile and greet everyone I see. I will try to be polite and kind to everyone around me. I think there are a lot of people that need to feel warmth right now. I will do my best.

After dinner, I’ll play guitar in my basement. And then I’ll read a book.

I’ve been reading Crooked Cucumber, a book about the life of Shunryu Suzuki, the man who popularized Zen Buddhism in the United States. It’s excellent.

I can control whether I make a good cup of tea or a bad cup of tea. And then I can focus on appreciating that cup of tea while I drink it. If I can focus on those two things completely, then maybe it bodes well that I can have a good day today.