Why It’s Ok to Dance Alone on a Hill in Tight Pants

Yesterday I posted this video, narrated by Derek Sivers, wherein a guy at a festival creates a dance movement in less than three minutes. I called the post, “how to lead, how to follow.”

But I thought there was something else worth mentioning about the video.

What happened in the video isn’t what normally happens.

99% of the time, when you’re dancing alone, you’re just going to dance alone.

On rare occasion, a few people will join you. On very rare occasions, you will create an intense, impromptu dance party. But most of the time, you’ll just dance alone.

We usually ignore the crazy dancing guy on the hill. Which means the guy on the hill will just keep dancing alone until he gets bored, feels awkward, wears himself out, or finds something else to do.

And that’s ok. If you feel like dancing on a hill in tight pants, dance on a hill in tight pants.

Not every action starts a movement. But joy and energy that has the potential to spark a movement is worthwhile, regardless of whether a movement ever ensues.